Place of workshops :
This year we have got MORE SPACE FOR WORKSHOPS
Workshops will be in  2 hotels 
Between hotels is only 300 m  distance (max 5 min by walk) 



Kizomba workshops and kizomba social room

(social room will be available only for holders of fullpasses)



Str  17 Stycznia 24 

Workshops bachata, salsa, cubana, zouk : 

(Ex HOTEL GROMADA - new owner of hotel ) 

 Str  17 Stycznia  32 

All parties from friday till sunday will be in HOTEL SANGATE  (EX GROMADA) 






Every 10 minutes is going Bus number 175 Airport Okecie - Sangate  Hotel City Center ( Palac of Culture ) -  ticket cost 4,2 pln ( 1 euro) By taxi its about 3 euro per carI can reccomend you to take oficial airport taxi
Distance to center  - 6 km  = distance to  Palac of CulturePalace of Culture and Congress Hall address Plac Defilad 1 (Congress Hall is in Palace )
Beetween Sangate Hotel  ( bus stop 50 m from entrance of hotel ) and center ( CENTRAL STATION , PALAC OF CULTURE )  is 6 km but every 10 minutes is going bus number 175 - ticket cost 1 euro or taxi its a cost 7 - 10 euro per car.

Central Railway Station is situated from Palace of Culture 300 m and 6 km from Gromada.  30 m from  Central Railway Station is bus stop for bus number  175

More info about public transport